TAKAYA Downloads

IMPORTANT Information with regards to Windows 10 migration:

For APT-1400/1600 users, there is now an upgrade path from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Migration to Windows 10 does require an update to your system CodeMeter license dongle and may also require a hardware upgrade which supports Windows 10. Please contact your Texmac/Takaya representative to determine the requirements for your system.

Please contact your Texmac/Takaya representative before updating your PC to Windows 10 to ensure system compatibility. Failure to do so may leave your system inoperable.

Please choose the software to download:

Non-Plus Infinity Software (32 Bit) – WIBU Protected

Version Update

Full Installation

Plus Infinity Software Update (64 Bit) – WIBU Protected

Version Update

TAKAYA Windows Software (9000 Series)- Dongle Protected

Version Update

Full Installation

TAKAYA Windows Software – Workstation

Sentinel Driver for ATP-1400 and ATP-1600 – Sentinel Driver

In some instances, it has been found that certain Win7 updates can cause conflict with the Sentinel driver that was loaded during APT SW installation. If you are experiencing symptoms such as a random reboot of the operating system this may be due to an incompatible Sentinel driver. In these cases, it is recommended that you update the Sentinel driver below.

Version Update News for:

Verification Programs for APT-9411 and APT-9411SL

100-8MA Verification Board

100-8MB Verification Board

Verification Programs for APT-9600

Verification Programs for APT-820

TAKAYA Manuals

(These are protected PDF files and can be viewed only on a PC that has a Takaya dongle installed)

Application Notes